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Top Tips for Exhibiting

  • Complete your Catalogue Entry

    Your 100 word catalogue entry will be taken from the information showing on the website under your company profile. The contact details and the product categories will also be taken from this page and printed in the catalogue.

    - Only enter your details into the website once
    - Alter your details any time up until the deadline and that is what will be printed
    What to do: 
    Amend your profile and contact details in the Exhibitor Portal (you will need the email address and password to login).  To check what is showing currently click on your company name in the Exhibitor Directory.

    Friday 1st March 2013

  • Use your exhibitor internet listing

    Post a large amount of information up on the Aircraft Interiors Expo website such as company details, brochures, products, videos and much more...

    - Have your products seen by thousands of visitors and airline buyers throughout the year
    - Encourage visitors to get in touch with you
    - Help visitors find out what your company has to offer

    What to do:
    Take full advantage by going through each of the options listed in the Exhibitor Portal.


  • Notify us if you have any standsharers

    If you have another company sharing your stand, do please let us know and fill out the Sharing Companies Form in the Exhibitor Portal.

    - Increased promotion for your sharing companies and ensure their company name is included in the show catalogue and website listings
    - Recognition of the regional brand/supplier will bring more visitors to your stand
    What to do: 
    - Download a copy of the sharer form here and fax back to Harriet Smalley +44 (0) 20 8334 0578 or email back to harriet.smalley@reedexpo.co.uk. Each Stand Sharing Company will cost €320. 

     Friday 1st March 2013

  • Download the show logo and banners

    Maximise your pre-show promotion by using the show logo or banners.

    Put them on your website, on advertisements and on your email signatures so customers and prospects know you will be at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2013.

    - Ensure customers cannot fail to know you will be at Aircraft Interiors Expo
    - Personalise the banner by adding your stand number
    - Animated banners are more likely to be clicked on
    What to do: 
    Download the show logos and banners


  • Invite your customers

    Research has shown that 83% of the most successful companies at exhibitions were the ones that took the trouble to invite their prospects and customers before the show. 
    Aircraft Interiors Expo offers the following FREE ways for you to invite your customers:

    1. Digital personalised floorplan

    Further promote your presence at the show with an eflyer, an interactive PDF which can be personalised with your logo and company slogan.

    The floorplan will show your stand highlighted on the floorplan from here prospective clients can click through to your company profile on the website. Additional tabs across the top will take them to your personalised registration page, visitor information and the show website home page.

    Available from January 2013 click here to see an example from 2012
    This is the perfect tool to email to your clients giving them everything they need in one place.
    To request your personalised floorplan email antonia.webster@reedexpo.co.uk

    2. Online Personalised registration page

    Email Antonia Webster antonia.webster@reedexpo.co.uk with your logo in jpeg format to request a free personalised registration page.
    How to use:
    - Include your personalised registration link in logos, banners, emails, letters and on your website
    - Visitors are more likely to visit your stand if they have been invited by you
    Available from January 2013, contact Antonia Webster to request your personalied registration page

    3. Printed Invitations [100 FREE]

    Mail out our invitation to your customers to encourage them to register for the show - click here to see and example from 2012
    Personally invite customers and build on your relationship with them.
    What to do:
    Email antonia.webster@reedexpo.co.uk to request your invitations
    16 February

    * If you ordered printed invitations these will be with you at the beginning of March 

  • Let your network know you are exhibiting

    Social media has opened opportunities for individuals and companies to communicate and engage easily, instantly and cost-effectively with customers, prospects, industry experts, press and associations to build networks and reach people that may never have been possible.

    Options are wide but we recommend starting with:


    Join the Aircraft Interiors Expo Group
    - Create a Profile

    Follow Aircraft Interiors Expo
    - Get yourself started

    - 'Like' The Aircraft Interiors Expo page
    - Get yourself started

    - FREE communication
    - Up to the minute information can be communicated
    - Easy to create new contacts and business openings
    - Simple way to get your message out fast to a wide audience

    What to do:
    Make sure that you add your social media links to your exhibitor profile on the Aircraft Interiors Expo website so visitors can join your networks. Do this in the Exhibitor Portal.

  • Stand out from the crowd

    Stand out from your competitors and grab the attention of visitors with our sponsorship opportunities. We've got bespoke packages available for before the show and at the show, online and in print. There is something for all budgets and objectives from low cost options such as carpet decals to high exposure to the key target audience through sponsorship of the onsite carrier bags - what more promotion could you ask for than visitors walking around advertising your company and stand number!

    If you've got your own ideas then simply call the team to discuss them.

     - Raise awareness of your brand
     - Increase your profile before / at the show
     - Direct visitors to your stand

    What to do:
    Find out more about our sponsorship opportunities.


    Mitra Esmizadeh
    Sales Executive – United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 (0) 208 910 7193


  • Get your news in the industry press

     - Editorial coverage is usually free
     - Increased promotion of your products
     - Increase visitors' awareness of your products and stand at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2013

     What to do:

    1. The Aircraft Interiors Expo PR team always want to know your latest news / press releases and what you will be displaying at the show, so that we can ensure all industry, national and international media are aware of the latest products – this service is all Free of charge.
    - We also use the above information to inform our visitors what you are showing / displaying on your stand
    - Add the PR team to your press list: carol.seath@cmsstrategic.com

    2. Contact the trade publications direct
    Don't forget that many editorial deadlines can be up to 3 months prior to the show, so make sure you plan well in advance.

    3. Email Digital Press Packs to the Aircraft Interiors Expo PR Team
    This year we are operating a "Sustainable Media Office" and are asking all exhibitors to provide us with their press packs electronically. We will ensure that it is all transferred onto memory sticks and given to journalists via the Media Center. Please send all the information electronically to carol.seath@cmsstrategic.com

    Click here for advice on creating a digital press pack
    - Contact the Aircraft Interiors Expo PR team on +44 (0) 208 748 9797 or email: carol.seath@cmsstrategic.com 

  • Maximise editorial advertising opportunities

    There are many opportunities to get editorial and advertising coverage before and at the show, Showtime Media Service (SMS) produce the the Show Preview and Show Catalogue. Our PR agency are in constant contact with SMS forwarding on your stories, so Add Carol from our PR agency CMS Strategic to your press list: carol.seath@cmsstrategic.com

     - Maximum exposure of your products and brand before the event in the Show Preview that is postal mailed to industry professional around the world
     - Great opportunities to keep your message in front of visitors with advertising in the Catalogue

    What to do:
    Editorial - Add Carol from our PR agency CMS Strategic to your press list: carol.seath@cmsstrategic.com

    Editorial - Add Luke Murphy to your press lists: editorial@showtimemedia.com
    Advertising - Contact Daniel Bateman on +44 (0) 1462 420 009 or email daniel@showtimemedia.co.uk

    Download the Media Pack [PDF] and the Artwork Specifications [PDF]

  • Collect and manage your sales leads

    Don't worry about collecting and keeping all those business cards safe. A scanner allows you to capture all the visitors' contact details in one swipe of their badge. At the close of each exhibit day, just return your scanner to the Lead Management Service Desk in the East Enterance to the halls.
    - The most effective way to collect and manage your sales leads thus maximising your time at the show.
    - Qualify leads: use personalised barcodes to instantly assign companies to a certain lead statues – defined by you prior to the show.  
    - Easily access and download your leads from each day of the show. Your data is stored and easily accessed within your Melville Lead Manager account. Leads can be downloaded into multiple formats.
    - Manage leads: you will receive a password to your Melville Lead Manager account. This simple yet dynamic online tool allows you to view, track, filter and store your leads.
    - Maximise return: No more lost sales opportunities...long sales enquiry forms... labour intensive data inputting. You can get in touch with your customers from day one of the show.
    * Costs tbc
    What to do:
    - tbc

    If you wish to be invoiced you need to order in time for payment to be received prior to the show.
    If you wish to pay by Credit or Debit Card then you can order right up to the start of show.



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